How do you convert videos with Rhapsody?

Can someone walk me through the Video conversion process with Rhapsody? Several have claimed that Rhapsody, while it may take longer, will do the video conversion INSTEAD OF USING SMC.


As someone said in an earlier post…can you show me how like you are teaching a ten year old?

I see no options to do video conversion on the Rapsody website.

Will Rhapsody convert videos only purchased through them, and will the converted videos only work while your membership is current, as it is with music? Can I download a public domain movie, then convert it with Rhapsody? Convert a dvd with anyvidconverter, then treat it with Rhapsody? I do not see videos for sale (in an electronic format).

How does this work?

People are asking for help with this EVERY DAY! Can we get REAL help with this issue?


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With the Rhapsody 4 client open, click on the File tab in the upper left.  Select Add Media To My Library.

Then check the box next to Scan For Videos In This Folder, and enter the path to your video files.

If the files are from a DVD, the VOB files have to first be “cleaned up” by an application like DVD Decrypter.  Of course, these are from DVDs in your personal collection.  As inexpensive as DVDs are, of course I own a copy of the films I like.  I remember the days of $90 movies in VHS format- we’ve come a long way.

I have not personally played with the R4 client and a VOB format import as yet.  If this does not work, simply download AnyVideoConverter to convert the file to MPEG2 or avi for Rhapsody to have a run.  I’ve always run the SMC for most DVD sourced video without issues.

Once the files are imported, you drag and drop them to your Sansa while it is connected and available in the Rhapsody client screen.  Drag them over to Videos.  It is slower than the SMC, of course.  Rhapsody will send the avi files over for playback on the Fuze.

Hope this puts you on the right path!

Oh, and if by your highlight you mean RealNetworks support, good luck with that.  They need to take a lesson from the folks at SanDisk.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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I’ll give it a try again!

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Went to, and am already confused. What is the 1st step? Do I have to join Rhapsody? Download something? I don’t want to join Rhapsody.

Just download the software, you dont have to sign up.

Rhapsody is an online music service run. Rhapsody was the first music service to offer streaming on-demand access to digital music. Downloaded files come with restrictions on their use - DRM protected.

MelodyCan can convert Rhapsody files to mp3  and other unprotected formats if you have valid licenses for playback of those files on your PC.



* The music content must be legally obtained and can be played on the computer where MelodyCan is installed.
* Works on x64 Vista/XP!

MelodyCan DRM Converter popular tasks are:

* Convert DRM protected RAX files
* Convert Rhapsody files to MP3
* Unprotect WMA files
* Convert protected RAX to MP3
* Remove DRM legally

System Requirements:

Windows® XP x32, x64 Windows® 2003 x32 or Windows® Vista x32,  x64
1 GHz processor or faster
256 MB RAM or more
Windows Media® Player 9 or higher installed, which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft®

Download& Try

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 when I drag and drop videos from My Library to the Fuze, nothing happens. And When I drag an drop them from explorer to the fuze in rhapsody, I get the message “your device does not support videos”!!!:neutral_face:

please heeeelp!!!

I had problems with my fuze and the only thing that did finally worked was raphosdy make sure you click on add media files to the files can transfer to the raphsody site.  Then you just drag and drop your file on to you fuze make sure you fuze is showing the box on the left hand side it was very easy to me.

Oh yeah, when your downloading files from youtube you will need to make sure you have anyvideo converter thats the only thing that works to download your file from youtube.

 Back to Rapshody make sure you downloaded the disk that came with your fuze. Its like you have to full around with it then it starts working wish you luck hopes this was helpful.  I have windows vista and I understand that it can be challenging. So far from what I read from your question, I dont think you downloaded anyvideo converter. If you need some more help let me know. I can say that the people from this website did help me they were helpful.

you have to download rhapsody to your computer and look i am kind of new to this thing but i have loots of experience in rhapsody just go to it is crazy confusing i still haven’t figured out how to download videos with rhapsody. i wish there was an easier way to do it.!!!

hey guy i really need some decent help i went to the file tab and i clicked the whatchamacallit but it will only let me bring in media from itunes and no where else:robotsurprised:

i have sansa fuze plus, it is not uploadin any video. i downloaded rhapsody, but when i connect my device it doesnt show any video tab to add videos. 

can anyone help me please.

@sumanth wrote:

i have sansa fuze plus , it is not uploadin any video. i downloaded rhapsody, but when i connect my device it doesnt show any video tab to add videos. 

can anyone help me please.

Sure, I can point you to the correct board in which you should post your query:

Sansa Fuze +