How do you change a tag if no tag is listed.

Per Tapeworm’s advice I changed the ID tags on my files that were ID3 v2.4 to v2.3  ISO 8859-1. My Clip+ does freeze up less. 

My question is I have podcasts that have No tag listed. And clicking on that file doesn’t change this. So what should I do about files that have no tag listed. Thanks


A tag editor such as MP3Tag (Internet freeware) should allow you to add tags, even if there was no tag in a field previously.

I can’t figure it out. On the tag program it says ID 3v1. Yet I check the tag on MP3 player and it says ID 3(v2.2). Isn’t is suppose to be v2.3. It was 2.4 so it did change.

It still is freezing up although not quite as much but still not great. The new firmware stopped the freezing in the Sansa symbol when it starts up. It also is freezing up in the slot radio portion. So I am really frustrated. Why is the tag showing as ID3(v2.2) and why on the ID3 program does it  show ID3v1 and isn’t is suppose to be ID 3 (v2.3)

I am ready to give up since my hand hurts already from holding the on switch for 20 seconds at a time to try to get the player to restart. The freezing up is just happening too often. 

Regardless though I am not sure it is set to the right ID tag anyway even though I did set it to right ID3(v2.3) ISO-8859 as tapeworm told me although it comes up on the MP3 players as ID3(v2.2).