I moved a bunch of songs over to my Clip Jam.  I have them in “LAST MODIFIED” order which is what I like.  I want this order to be preserved on my internal storage AND on my mini SD card.  However, the files are randomly ordered.  I don’t really care about the ability to order them alpha by artist or song.  I want LAST MODIFIED.  What’s the fix?

I’m on the edge, here, but I believe that the player orders them by order added to the player.  And so if you can bear adding files and folders individually or by groups, that’s one way to go.

There also are various FAT sorters out there which will arrange the files by a criterion choice.  As you can understand, that’s usually alphabetically.  But there could be a FAT sorter out there which will do it by modification listing.  I can’t recall one right now, so you may need to do some searching and sorting of FAT sorters.    

So the files I add last are the ones that show first, right?

There must be an easier way.  I can do it on any other device.  1.10 is the latest firmware, right? 

Yep, 1.10 is the latest–you can check in the firmware sticky thread at the top of the Jam forum.

The order should be, first added to last added, and so the first added should be at top.

I’m not sure of another way, and I don’t recall any of the Clips ever showing files ordered by date modified–but maybe I’ve forgotten, as I don’t use such a sorting.

If you’re deadset on this and don’t mind some work, you could import the files into a tag editor such as MP3Tag and then batch pre-pend an order number onto the file names or such.