how do i transfer songs

I’m wondering if there is software that I need to install first and where I would find this software as my computer is not even recognizing that I have something plugged in.  I have 3 USB sites on my laptop and have tried all of them.  A program comes up saying that I need to install software and it will do it automatically.  However, it didn’t work and came up saying my device may not work properly.  Any suggestions as it won’t even let me sync music to it because it doesn’t recognize that it’s plugged in.  Please help haha.  Thanks.

The Fuze doesn’t require software.

If you open Explore or My computer does it show up in there under My Computer?

Does the Fuze say “charging” or “connected” when plugged into your computer?

If you open Windows Media Player and go to Sync, in the right window does it show any hardware?

To transfer songs, I used WMP 10.  I rip them to WMP and then Sync them to my Fuze.  Simple, easy, works great.

Your problem, I think is the fact that you are using a laptop computer instead of a desk-top. A lot of people have reported problems such as yours and it’s usually boiled down to the fact that laptops don’t have the ‘horsepower’ to give your player the ‘juice’ it needs.

Some work, some don’t. Yours, obviously doesn’t. :cry: