How do i transfer my audio book on DVD to my Sansa clip?

I tried dragging it into the folder but it doesn’t show up on the clip. I tried using Win Media Player but it won’t sync it.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Is the audiobook protected by digital rights management?  What kind of audiobook is it?  If Audible, you need to use the Audible manager, I believe.

Are the audiobook files in a format the Clip recognizes?

Its an audio book cd, like you buy in the store. How do I tell if its DRM protected?  How do I find out what format the audio books are in? When I click on one of the tracks it says its a CD Audio Track. 

Ah, that’s the issue.  The Clip does not play audio tracks in that form (either music or books).  You need to “rip” the audio tracks into a computer format that digital audio players can play, such as MP3, wma, ogg vorbis, flac, etc. 

It is easy to do, you just need to learn the process.  Windows Media Player will rip the audio files, as will many rippers freely available (and for free) on the Internet, such as CDex.  And then, once the files are ripped, you simply can drag and drop them to the Clip.  

Here’s some basic information on it from Wikipedia.\_ripper

I figured it out. Hope this helps other people. I downloaded CDEX , it converts audio books format to mp3 or wma. I converted the tracks and dragged and dropped to my Clip.


Great to hear!  And now you can rip your music CDs and put them on your player as well!

Great thank you!