How do I remove the clip from my Clip?

Just got mu Clip and a nice silicon case/cover for it.  I can’t put the cover on without removing the clip.  Should I just pull it off or is there a secret so I don’t break it?

Hold the Clip in your hand with the face against your fingers.

Press the rear clip downward with your thumb, pressing gently along the top edge.  The spring clip will release.

Note that the design of the lock spring makes removal more difficult than the gentle push required to remount the rear clip.

There you go!

What kind of case did you get?

Bob  :smiley:

Note that if you got the somewhat “standard” silicone case (link below), you don’t need to remove the clip to put the case on the Clip–you somewhat stretch the flexible case around the Clip.;c:100349

I only got my Sansa Clip a couple months ago as a gift. I have been using it while working out but have not been rough with it. The plastic clip on the back got cracked right above the spring connection and will soon be broken. Do you know where I can get a spare plastic clip, or do I have to return it to the manufacturer?

as far as i know sandisk doesn’t replace the player if the clip is broken since it is an accessory. you may want to ask for another clip accessory though.