how do I reformat my e280

I’ve set the unit to msc then connected the unit to the computer and double clicked it in my computer then right clicked and clicked on format.  An error saying that “this device was unable to complete the format”  Can anyone help me figure out how to reformat this unit?


I think the e200 has an option to reformat under settings. That said if it can’t reformat in Windows, there may be something wrong with the player (or with Windows).

In MSC mode your computer will see your player as 2 drives, each with their own drive letter. One is for the player itself, and the other is for the card slot (whether there’s a card inserted or not).Are you sure you aren’t right-clicking on the one for the card slot?


I’ve solved the problem, this is how I did it. 

Turn e280 on and go to settings, go to usb setting and move it to msc, plug e280 into computer and go to my computer, now there should be a letter attached to the e280.  Right click on the unit and cllick on format. Unplug the unit from the computer, go to settings and reset the usb to mtp.  The audio book should transfer correctly now.