How do I re-sync video that's been converted by the Media Converter?

I converted video and then it sync’d to the Fuze. I think I’d have the same problem if I wanted to put the video on more than one Fuze device (we’re thinking about getting each of our 3 kids a Fuze for car trip video/movie watching).

Then I deleted the video from the Fuze and I want to sync it again. I can’t see how to do it. I even tried re-converting the video. No joy.

Where is the output file (converted by the Media Converter)?

(I looked in the Options> Output directory and that directory just has an empty .avi file).

Note: I did change the Media Converter output directory.

I don’t like the Sansa Media Converter, and, as far as I know, videos can only be converted to the Fuze itself, so if you’re wanting to convert the same video to three other Fuzes, you’re going to have to convert it directly three more times.

On the bright side, there is an alternative.  It’s called Video4Fuze, or Video 4 Fuze, I don’t remember.  It’s a better video converter.  Search the boards here for it.  Good luck.