How do I pick up a song where I left off?

I’m sure there must be a simple answer to this, but if I turn off my Sansa Connect while it is playing a song, how do I get it to pick up where it left off when I power it back on?

Have you tried just putting it to sleep (quick press of power button) instead of shutting it down (hold down power button for about 8 seconds)?

I’m actually not sure that will work as I don’t have my Connect with me right now.  I’m pretty sure it will play the same song, though I’m not sure if it will resume exactly where you left off.

And it stays in Sleep for 72 hours, at which point it automatically enters Shutdown.  So it cannot be made to save your place if you don’t use it for 3 days.

Thanks for the help.  That does indeed work.  It would be nice if it could store your last location when you fully power it off (like if you left off in the middle of an audio book and weren’t able to get back to it for a week), but the sleep mode should meet my needs most of the time.