How do I make a playlist for the Fuze?

It’s been recommended to keep the Fuze in MSC mode, regarding the use of Audiobooks, which I use.    But, regarding the use of playlists, it was recommended to put the USB mode into MTP.    All this mode changing is confusing.  I want to use Audiobooks, but I also want to make playlists.    It would be nice to see a single post with a complete explanation of creating playlists, and how the USB mode plays into this, while retaining the ability to play audiobooks.   I blame Sandisk for not providing this information to us at the time we purchase their music players, and am totally confused by how this information is strewn across the internet. I’ve been reading advice ALL DAY about making playlists, yet I don’t know step 1 in making a play list!    

Please don’t give me theories or concepts, just the steps I need to take, and the software I need, to make a playlist.  First, in starting out, where are the music files at the beginning of the “making a playlist” process.  Also please indicate whether or not the Fuze is attached to the PC at each step of the process.  Also please indicate what folders I need to make, and where.  Please give details without getting bogged down too much in details, except where you think it would be helpful.  And please also don’t give me links to click on, since that just leads to more confusion.   I, and many others, will appreciate your help in this.

Try Media Monkey if you dont like the previous post of winamp. I know that this uses MSC mode and can create playlists and add them to the fuze. I have not done it yet (Its only a matter of time) but there is a help utility, in the program that explains it all.

I use MSC mode exclusively and winamp lets you create playlists with ease… and the price isn’t bad either…:smileyvery-happy:

Here’s yet another link which you said you didn’t want, but this one has step-by-step directions for easily creating working playlists in MSC mode using the free version of Wimamp.

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