How do I free up as much memory as possible?

I have the 1GB Clip and I want to free up as much memory of that 1GB as I possibly can.

I believe the firmware takes up some memory. And I’m guessing that’s why the system check says 949MB of memory at startup.

But when I check “system info” in “settings,” I get a reading of 949MB memory and under that a reading of 903MB free memory.

I’ve done a (re) “format” and a “reset all.” There are no voice recordings stored and I deleted all the songs I had stored. I even deleted the FM pre-sets.

So what is using up the (949MB - 903MB = 46MB) that 46MB of unaccounted for memory?

How can I free up as much of the 1GB memory as possible?

I believe that’s because they advertise 1GB and count it as 1,000,000,000 bytes (it says so on the package). But 1GB is actually equal to 1073741824 bytes. Because of this, your actual total amount of memory is not 1024MB (= 1GB) but 949MB. And 949 - 903 = 46MB would be the firmware then, I suppose. Same with my player: It’s “8GB”, but Winamp says it has 7,68GB. Of course, the differences get even greater when you get as high as 1TB for example.

So I don’t think you’ll be able to free up any more memory than that.

You also lose space due to the file system overhead, so you never get the advertised amount.