How do i Format my Sansa Fuze+

i posted a message earlier today about a problem i had with the Fuze+ but im about halfway through fixing it, i am now able to turn on the MP3 with only one problem and that is that a message comes up saying that there is a Database error and that i need to format the device and then it says that the Sansa will now shut down, so im just wondering how i do that?

Plug it on the computer and see if its detected. Format in the computer. Also try performing force MSC if its not detected. While the player is off press and hold the volume down button and plug it on the computer.

thnx man

Am I just formatting this like a regular USB? Just the context list Fomat option?

I feel I am about to get rid of important system files here.

there is a format oiption under settings. best to use that option. 

Well, the reason I ask is because the player wouldn’t even turn on. It had a corrupted database or some **bleep**, so I had to do a manual MSC format. I ended up just using the Context Menu format, on default FAT32 and everything, and then everything on the player was gone. No folders, anything. Don’t panic though. All I did was copy the 1.27.01 firmware back onto the device and restarted it. All the folders were back again once it had Updated. I’m not entirely sure whether you need the firmware, I just copied it on just in case. :slight_smile:

i try to do this but no manue was shown just usb connected

i am having problems i try to download firm ware but am using a mac so i dont kno can some body help me

having problems with my sansa fuze it want turn on all it do is show a short discription saying format and sansa will shutdown and it turns off i did try performing force MSC this did not work at all how do i get it to work please help me somebody…