How do i enable sound

    I recently downloaded rockbox and my sound didnt work so i uninstalled everything but my sound still is not working. I have a sansa e250. I went back and deleted alll those rockbox settings from my mp3. Then i still donot have sound. I tried reseting my settings but still doesnot work. by the way i tried my speakers, and 6 headphones just to make sure it was my sansa. I donot know if it was some settings a did on rock box or if it is just not playing. can some one find a solution to my problem please.

Try using the “original Firmware” (OF) by turning off the Sansa, pressing and holding the “Select” button (the big black one in the middle of the volume ring,) and turning it on.  Once it’s booted up and you have a bunch of words on the screen let go of the select button.

See if the sound works that way to make sure the sansa isn’t broken inside.

i tried that and it still doesnot work.(note:i have already uninstalled rockbox)

 Does it show the song playing on the screen? Time advancing, bars bouncing on the other display?

Have you turned the wheel up all the way? 

yes i have and still no sound

If you see the song playing–not paused–and the volume bar moves up when you turn the scroll wheel, but you still can’t hear anything, you may have  a hardware problem, like your headphone jack going bad. It’s probably more expensive to repair it than to get a new player.

There is a one-year warranty, so if it’s less than a year old, contact 1-866-SANDISK (or the service number in your country if you’re outside the USA) and talk to them about getting it fixed or replaced.  

Otherwise, see if someone else has other advice, but you may have to give it a decent funeral. 


thanks for all of your help and support but i goin to get a new sansa.