How do I drag and drop itunes/ipod songs into my player? Or burn them onto a cd?

Ok, I’ve been trying to read posts, etcbut can’t get it right.

I want to transfer songs from my itunes or ipod (songs that are not purchased and are in MP3 format).

I do not see an option to even burn them onto a cd.

I saw someone mention drag and drop. Can you explain it step by step please.

Thanks a million!!!

If the music is on your hard drive, you can just open My Computer or Explore (I prefer explore) and drag from one drive to your Fuze drive (internal or external).

If you can’t see them on yoru computer here’s another post that may work for you… maybe… iTunes Plus Songs

if you are using itunes make a new playlist on itunes then drag and drop all the songs you need (only 1-20 songs the playlist will let you burn so you need to make different playlists) after your done draging go to the bottom of itunes and click burn cd click audio cd and click burn then just open rhapsody and ripp the cd to it