How do I delete all the music on my Fuze player using my computer?

How do I delete all the music on my player using my computer? I printed the user manual,but the instruction’s are vague.

Please help a frustrated Old Man,

Thanking anyone who answers right now (even before ayone answers as I tend to forget to say Thank you for the help)


You can do it simply and without even connecting it to your computer. Go into Settings > System Settings > Format and select.

It will come out squeaky clean and rarin’ to go. :smiley:

Thank you.Will this leave the video clip that came with the player,or will Format remove everything?


@misterhy wrote:

Thank you.Will this leave the video clip that came with the player,or will Format remove everything?


Formatting will erase all user-added content. If there’s something on it you wish to save, and don’t already have it backed up on your computer, copy it over (to your computer) before formatting.

All the firmware and operating files will remain.

I formatted the player.It wiped everything including the Video that was factory loaded and left me with an absolutely clean player.When I reloaded all the music,it is still out of sequence.I have shuffle off in the player and I am pretty sure shuffle is turned off in Windows Media Player.I honestly do not mind losing the Video as it was a gimmick as far as I am concerned.I just have more room on the drive for my Jazz and Latin music.

Does anyone know how I can get my music loaded on the Fuze in correct order?I have a number of CD’s that are live performances and there is a strict sequence as usually the next number or performer is being introduced.These are not Studio recordings,but on site.Example is Dianna Krall live in Paris,France.I have the DVD and the CD of this show and it is run in strict order.

I have not given up on getting my music in order.

Thank you to anyone who can tell me how to do this.


I guess the track number tags are either missing or incorrect. The best idea is to delete the music from the player, fix the tags on the copy on your pc, then copy the music to the player again. When assigning track numbers, use a leading zero when needed so all the track numbers are 2 digits, ie. 01, 02, …

You can (and should) get the free mp3tag:

Install mp3tag.  When you install, let it add itself to context menus (an option while installing).

Open mp3tag and in Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg make the Write option ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the Fuze’s preferred tags, and once you make it the default, every time you Save the tags in mp3tag you’ll get Fuze-friendly tags. 

Your albums may not be tagged at all, or may be tagged in ID3v1, which the Fuze won’t read. So it will go to the title, if there is a Title tag, or the filename if there are no tags.

Now you can right-click on an album folder and see mp3tag as an option to open it. When you click on mp3tag,  you’ll see the files listed. Put them in order from top to bottom–you can try clicking the track-number header, or the filename header if they are 01-track 1. If you can line them up top to bottom, highlight them all and click Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard with the Leading Zeroes option. Bingo: Track numbers 01, 02, 03, and they will play in order.

Sometimes people don’t put track numbers on filenames and they list alphabetically by song title–not good. If the Fuze can’t find track numbers, and the filename is FirstSongTitle-01 (rather than 01-FirstSongTitle), the Fuze will be playing them in alphabetical filename order: FirstSong, FifthSong, FourthSong, SecondSong, SixthSong, ThirdSong. Then you’ll have to put in track numbers one by one. 

If the track numbers are missing, then the player sorts by the title tag, which often isn’t the same as the filename.

The other trap is not using leading zeros in the track number. For track numbers to work properly, they all must be the same number of digits. Most people most of the time will use 2 digit track numbers, so they could start with 01, 02, etc. An option in mp3Tag is to add a leading zero for track numbers under 10. If there are over 99 songs, I find that is easier to start numbering the songs at 101 when using mp3Tag autonumber option.

I found all the songs listed Alphabetically problem is that I have a large number of CD’s that are performed with a Live audience,not recorded in a Recording Studio.They have to be in order to play correctly.How do I number Window’s Media with the leading 01,02,03 04 and so on.If I click on any song in the Windows playbill,the Music starts.

Thank you for your information and I hope that you or someone on the Forum has the answer to the numbering.


@misterhy wrote:

How do I number Window’s Media with the leading 01,02,03 04 and so on.If I click on any song in the Windows playbill,the Music starts.

Use MP3Tag as suggested (and linked to) earlier. It’s a dedicated tag-editor and much better than WMP for this.

If you right-click instead of left-click, you should get a menu instead of starting the song.  But Windows Media Player is not the best program to fix tags.

Somehow you need to get track numbers on your tracks. Whoever made those live recordings should have done that.

Since the track numbers are not in the filenames, maybe they are in the ID3 tags.

Get mp3tag and install it as explained above. Right-click on the folder to open the folder with mp3 tag. That will show you all the tag information. You may  have to scroll to the right to see it all. Are there track numbers?

If not, you have to put them in. Sorry. Click on each one and do it.

If there are, great. Click on the header where it says Track Number and they should arrange themselves by track number order.  Highlight them all, make sure they are in correct order from top to bottom. Then click Tools/Options/Auto-Numbering Wizard and check Leading Zeros and run it. Should take about 3 seconds.

But Windows is still going to list them alphabetically by filename, right? You can fix that. Use the Convert function  with the option Tag to Filename.  If you want 01-Song 1 you put %track%-%title% and your files will be renamed from the tag  information. You can also do %artist% in there if you want that in the filename.

Alternately, if you already had good filenames, like 01-Song 1, you could convert Filename to Tag.