How do I create a playlist on Sansa E280r with Mac OSX?


I bought a SanDisk Sansa e280r after I got tired of my iPods breaking.  The device works very well.  The problem is with creating playlists on a MacBook with OSX.  The Sansa works great as a external storage device, and I love being able to drag and drop mp3 files from my Mac without the interference of iTunes.  My problem is that I don’t know how to create or manage playlists with the Mac.  I used Sansa Playlister on my work PC, but my employer no longer allows this.  Is there anyway to create Sansa playlists with a Mac?  I’d really appreciate the help.  It’s become such  a hassle, I may switch back to iPod if I can’t figure this out.


With the e200 R-series, you’ll be using Rhapsody mode (MSC) with OSX.  Perhaps Media Monkey will work on your Mac.  MM can build playlists very easily, as in MSC, the playlists are in m3u format.

There are plenty of folks here that prefer using MSC mode, and that build this format playlist.

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I think it helps you. Switching between MSC and MTP modes

  • Turn the Sansa on, if it is not already
  • Navigate to the main menu of the player; this is the same menu that gives us options such as Play, Record, Info, etc…
  • Navigate to “Settings” on the main menu of the player.
  • After navigating to “Settings”, we should see an option that states “USB” or “USB MODE”
  • From here we can select MSC or MTP modes (could vary based on player model)
  • Highlight the desired mode and select it, at this point it will roll back to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Connect the player to the computer and verify it is connecting in the desired mode.


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