How do I clear the recycle folder in Clip+ all at once?

Here’s what happened.

I uploaded some music to my Clip+… after a while I deleted some of the stuff I uploaded and wanted to upload other stuff to replace it. I got the disk is full message which was kinda odd. I then unplugged the player and found that there was a’Recycled’ folder in the ‘Folders’ section. I looked into it and found all the stuff I deleted on my computer. 

My question is… how do I empty the recycle folder all at once? Right now I can only delete the tracks one by one… which is very tedious. And there’s no way to delete the recycled folder on my computer. I don’t even see the ‘recycled’ folder at all even with hidden folders set to show. 

Any help will be appreciated!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this problem!  You could try changing USB mode and see if the folder appears on your computer that way.

Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac?

You could always format the Clip, erasing all content and start over.

Always a good thing to do, in these circumstances; from the Clip+'s settings.

Hi everyone, thanks for your replies!

  1. I tried changing the USB connection mode and the ‘recycled’ folder still doesn’t show up on my computer. 

  2. I’m on a Windows PC 

  3. I could reformat the whole thing but the main problem here is that whenever I delete a folder on my computer, it goes into the recycled folder on my Clip+ and it still takes up space! So essentially in the future it will be a pain in the ass to add and remove files since I can’t just empty the entire recycled folder.

It’s kinda interesting that I’m the only one with this problem… do you guys see a ‘recycled’ folder show up on your Clip+ after you delete some stuff using their computer? (with the Clip+ plugged in of course) 

Here’s the location of the folder on my CLIP+

MUSIC>>FOLDERS>>RECYCLED>>List of subfolders with the deleted content

Here is a very simple solution. Set the player’s USB mode to MSC. Use the player’s menu to format the player. Use Windows Explorer(right click on Start, click on Explore) to drag and drop files to the player. Don’t use a program to sync the player. It seems like you have a program(perhaps Windows Media Player or some other one?)  set to sync the player with your pc recycle folder. I never sync my players, and just copy and paste or drag and drop files to the player.