How do I change the language?

I just got my new Sansa Fuze in the mail today.  I turned it on and accidentally got it set on Italian!  How I do I change it?

I found this thread that says to go to the settings icon… but my Fuze does not have one!  I hit the home button and it just has things like voice, video, radio, music, photos (with Italian labels). 

How do I reset the language to English?  I’ve always wanted to learn Italian, but not quite this way!!

the settings icon has liek a table mixer thing on it.

Once you find the SETTINGS icon, English should be the top (1st) choice.

Or you can go here and type in what the screen says for translation:

Oh that explains it, LOL!  It’s in Italian, it says “Impostazioni”!  Found it!  Took me a minute to figure out which was the language settings, but I have it changed back to English now!  Thank you!!  :slight_smile: