How do I add to an existing Sansa playlist?

I would like to maintain a playlist containing podcast MP3 files.  I want to add to and delete from the playlist on a daily basis.

I download the podcast MP3 files to my Sansa Clip “Music” folder.  Windows Explorer will allow me to create a new playlist and delete file references from an existing one, but doesn’t give me the option to add file references to an existing playlist.

I used to own a Zen V Plus that went belly-up.  I could add a file reference to a playlist by right-clicking on the MP3 file name, selecting “add to playlist”, then selecting the playlist.

How do I add file references to an existing Sansa Clip playlist?

I found the trick.  Double click the playlist to open it.  Then drag the new track on top of the open playlist .  Great Question.

You can navigate to other folders and continue dragging tracks to build the list up.

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Now I feel like an idiot.  That was way too easy.

I actually tried that before, but when I would select the file, the open playlist would disappear behind all the other open windows on my desktop.  I had to minimize everything in order to find it.

Thanks.  Now I’m set.