How do I add email address to outlook?

Seeking support for your Roadrunner email requirements, from password assistance to technical queries and mobile email concerns? Reach out to live experts at +1-877-316-5476 (Toll-Free).

To reach Roadrunner Email Support promptly, you can access their Help Center for Email & Chat Support. In today’s digital era, email remains a vital tool for communication. However, encountering issues with email services like Roadrunner can be frustrating. Whether it’s configuration glitches, delivery hiccups, login troubles, or any other concerns, accessing reliable support is crucial. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on different methods to promptly contact Roadrunner email support for assistance.

Adding your Roadrunner email to Outlook is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Outlook on your device.
  2. Go to the “File” tab and select “Add Account.”
  3. Choose “Manual setup or additional server types” and click “Next.”
  4. Select “POP or IMAP” and click “Next.”
  5. Enter your name and Roadrunner email address.
  6. For Account Type, select either POP3 or IMAP.
  7. In the Incoming Mail Server field, enter “”
  8. In the Outgoing Mail Server field, enter “”
  9. Enter your Roadrunner email address and password.
  10. Click “More Settings,” then go to the “Outgoing Server” tab and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
  11. Go to the “Advanced” tab and enter the correct port numbers for your server.
  12. Click “OK” and then “Next” to complete the setup.

If you need further assistance or encounter any issues, feel free to call our support team at +1-877-316-5476.

Common Problems When Configuring Roadrunner Email in Outlook

  1. Incorrect server settings: Ensure that you have entered the correct incoming and outgoing server addresses (POP3/IMAP and SMTP) as “”
  2. Authentication errors: Double-check your username and password to ensure they are entered correctly, and ensure that authentication settings are properly configured in Outlook.
  3. Port number mismatch: Verify that you have entered the correct port numbers for both incoming and outgoing servers, typically 995 for POP3, 993 for IMAP, and 465 or 587 for SMTP.
  4. Firewall or antivirus interference: Disable any firewall or antivirus software temporarily to check if they are blocking the connection to the Roadrunner email servers.
  5. Outdated Outlook version: Ensure that your Outlook software is up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues with Roadrunner email settings.

How to Contact Roadrunner SUPPORT Service

To contact Roadrunner support service, dial +1-877-316-5476 (hotline). Experienced technicians are available to assist you with any Roadrunner email-related issues promptly. Whether you need help with configuration, password recovery, or technical troubleshooting, reach out to this dedicated phone number for reliable support. Assistance is accessible 24/7 to ensure your email concerns are addressed efficiently.

Roadrunner Email Support Channels

1. Phone Support:

  • Dial the designated Roadrunner Email support phone number at USA: 877-316-5476.
  • Follow the automated prompts to connect with the support team.
  • Detail your issue to the representative for help in resolving any Roadrunner Email concerns, including security matters.

2. Live Chat:

  • Visit the official Roadrunner website or support page.
  • Look for the “Chat” or “Live Chat” option.
  • Initiate a chat session with a support agent and explain your issue for assistance.

3. Email Support:

  • Open your email client.
  • Compose a new email to the Roadrunner Email support address (if available).
  • Clearly outline your issue and include all relevant details.
  • Send the email and await a response from the support team.

Why You Need Roadrunner Support Phone Number

If you’re experiencing persistent issues with your Roadrunner email configuration, having difficulty resolving them on your own, reaching out to the Roadrunner customer support number can be beneficial. This dedicated phone line connects you with knowledgeable technicians who specialize in resolving Roadrunner email-related problems promptly. Here’s why you might need the Roadrunner phone number:

  1. Access to 24/7 support: Whenever you encounter an issue, whether it’s during regular hours or late at night, assistance is available around the clock.
  2. Expert assistance: The technicians are well-trained in advanced troubleshooting techniques, ensuring efficient resolution of your Roadrunner email issues.
  3. Immediate support: By calling the Roadrunner phone number, you can receive immediate technical assistance, helping you get back to using your email without delay.
  4. Multiple support channels: Apart from phone assistance, you can also seek help through community forums, live chat, or other support options tailored to your preference.


In conclusion, accessing reliable support for Roadrunner Email concerns is essential for maintaining a smooth communication experience. By utilizing the dedicated support number, +1-877-316-5476 (no wait time), users can efficiently resolve any issues, whether it’s regarding configuration, security, or technical difficulties. With expert assistance available around the clock, Roadrunner users can rest assured knowing that their email-related queries will be promptly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted access to their emails and peace of mind in their communication endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

1. How can I reset my Roadrunner email password?

  • To reset your Roadrunner email password, visit the Roadrunner login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Follow the prompts to verify your identity, then choose a new password for your account.

2. Can I access Roadrunner email on my mobile device?

  • Yes, you can access Roadrunner email on your mobile device by configuring your email settings. Simply add your Roadrunner email account to your device’s email app using the IMAP or POP3 server settings provided by Roadrunner.

3. What should I do if I’m unable to send or receive emails through Roadrunner?

  • If you’re experiencing issues with sending or receiving emails, ensure that your internet connection is stable and that you’ve entered the correct email server settings. If problems persist, contact Roadrunner email support at +1-877-316-5476 for further assistance.

4. How do I configure Roadrunner email on my smartphone?

  • To configure Roadrunner email on your smartphone, open your email app and select “Add Account.” Enter your Roadrunner email address and password, then manually enter the server settings: Incoming Mail Server - “,” Outgoing Mail Server - “,” and the appropriate port numbers.

5. Why can’t I log into my Roadrunner email account?

  • If you’re having trouble logging into your Roadrunner email account, ensure that you’re using the correct email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” link to reset it. If issues persist, contact Roadrunner support for assistance.

6. How can I recover a hacked Roadrunner email account?

  • If you suspect your Roadrunner email account has been hacked, immediately change your password and enable two-factor authentication for added security. Contact Roadrunner support at +1-877-316-5476 (no hold) for further assistance in securing your account and investigating the issue.

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