How do I add data files?

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I have the Sansa Fuze 8gb with a 8gb memory card. Trying to add a large file (5-6gb) to either the player itself, or the memory card, I get a message saying the disk is full, even though there are no files on it. Could anyone please help me with this issue? 

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5 or 6 GIGAbytes?  That’s one monster data file.  Are you using MSC mode?

To store such a large file, I’d grab one of the Cruzer sticks for it, rather than clogging up the Sansa with that much data.  You can’t plug earbuds into the Cruzer, making it better for mass data use.

I haven’t run into transfer issues with the Sansa, but so far big folders have been under 1GB.

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The Fuze is formatted as FAT.  As such, it will have a 4GB limit for file size.

Thanks for both of your replies! :slight_smile: Is there a way to format Fuze to another filesystem, thus getting more space available?

The Fuze is formatted as FAT32

To reformat goto Settings>Format>Yes  on the players GUI

I don’t think it’s possible to format the Fuze with other filesystems apart from FAT or FAT32 - it would have to support this filesystem internally to read data from it.

Maybe you could format the SD-card with NTFS (or ext2/3 on Linux) which supports big files, but then the card could only be read when connected to a computer, and not by the Fuze itself. In my opinion it would be better to buy a 8GB USB stick and format that with an advanced filesystem if you want to transport big files.