How did you Find out about SanDisk Forum??

How did you Find out about The New SanDisk Forum?

:smileyvery-happy: Tell us your Story!

I was looking for a support forum of some sort to solve a problem with my e260R.

I work here…

I browse alot of forums :slight_smile: (I do not work for SanDisk)

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it was a little banner on’s website, i clicked on it, and voila! here i am… :smiley:

google took me to the e200 product page on and there was the link to the forum.

I browse alot of forums too :smiley: ( But I do not work there either unforunately :frowning: )

I love my sansa to death :smiley:

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im bored…

I was trying to find out if I could watch videos from a micro SD card so looked at the User Guide for my e260R and I saw a link for the firmware update if Rhapsody’s wasn’t working. I went to the link, decided to look around, and happened upon the forums while looking at the WiFi Sansa mp3 player.

I was updating my firmware tonight and had a problem with my micro SD card afterward.  I was trying to decide if I should send an email to Sansa, I saw a link for forums, signed up and checked out the posts, then I decided to just deal with my card problem, re-format the card and re-organize my player…

crazy train