How come my Xbox 360 will not play media from my Sansa Fuze?

I tried connecting it to my Xbox 360 but it will not play the media.  I even changed the USB detection settings too and it still would not play any media.  The Xbox detects it and I can go to the music file but no songs show up.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?

I bought my Fuze 2 days ago and I experienced the same problem.  I’ve been looking to purchase a dock to resolve the issue, but it seems that any way you connect the Fuze by USB prohibits you from listening to music.  I love listening to music on 360 while I game, and even though my hard drive has a ton of music on it already, it would be nice to add more that easily. 

I also downloaded the newest firmware and that did nothing to help.  Does anyone know if this can/will be fixed?  Thank you in advance.

What mode is the Fuze set for?  If it is set for Auto or MTP that could be the problem.  I don’t have an Xbox 360, but I’m not sure if the OS on the XBox supports MTP (Music Transfer Protocol).

Music transfered using MTP will not show up if the player is in MSC mode.  You’ll have to transfer the music to the Fuze using MSC mode.  Then you should be able to see it.

Hope this helps.

The Xbox supports MTP mode.  So any music you loaded on the Fuze in MTP mode should show up on the Xbox.  Music loaded under MSC mode will not.  If you use DRM files you could also be hitting a device limit (i.e. you are only allowed playback on x number of devices).

you have to have the USB Mode on MTP for your xbox360 so the files will show up if that did it for you let me know here or on xboxlive BeerorGunz28

@skinjob wrote:
The Xbox supports MTP mode.

Mine doesn’t and never has. MSC mode works but only the internal flash will show.