How can you tell if the firmware updater has completed it's updates?

They don’t show any way of telling you if it has been completed or not. I don’t want to unplug my player if the update isn’t installed. What should I do?

Sorry it’s been a few hours (an opportunity for a full charge at the least).

The Sansa Updater has a progress bar that will roll once you check the accept box next to it.  The file will be transferred to your Sansa, and the updater should say to unplug the device after finished.

You can open a Windows Explorer (“My Computer” ) window, and see if you can see fuzea.bin , the firmware binary file, sitting in the root directory awaiting transfer upon disconnect.

After you unplug, the binary will “disappear” from the root directory as the Fuze loads the new copy in reserved memory.

“Firmware Upgrade In Progress” should appear on the screen of the Fuze.

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My updater just runs and runs too.

The firmware is current but the Updater wants to run. Hmnn, why is that?



As the firmware updates are few & far between, you can just delete the Sansa Updater. When you see an announcement for a new release on this board, you can update manually. It gets a little annoying having that thing pop up every time you plug in your player, searching for an update that rarely occurs.