How can I test whether my SSD is broken?

My Windows 7 installation stopped being able to boot with blue screens. I used the Trinity Rescue Kit CD (linux) to copy everything to another hard drive. A small number of files could not be copied. 

Now I have this hard drive connected to another laptop via a USB enclosure. It seems to be running fine, but when I try to read some files it acts like I unplugged and replugged the USB cable. 

What can I do to test or recover this SSD drive? I will be happy with formatting and installing Windows on it, I just want to be sure that I’m doing the right thing about handling this error case. 

It’s specifically a sdssdx 480g g25. 


best way to test it is to just format it and reinstall the OS. Do either a full format (not quick format) or a secure erase

NOW I had exactly the same problem.


blue screen  

some files not copying across during rescue.

and drive locking up


inspecting it as a USB connected drive from another working computer, the WIN 7 Disk manager showed it as ok, but some file copying caused the drive activity to lock up

I reformatted the drive. it now seems to work (as a portable usb drive now).



What further testing can I do to get more confidence in this drive?

The original failure symptoms being the same as the original enquirer, suggests this kind of failure might have a common explanation as to its cause… Are you able to explain the casue of such failure?