how can i switch

Internet LRadio connection, i dont want yahoo, i want a different one?

You will need to get a different device that is WiFi and/or web enabled.  The Connect works only with Y! Launchcast internet radio.

There are many different protocols for Internet radio.  If you’re talking about something like Shoutcast, the only portable devices that I’m aware of that receive Shoutcast streams are a couple of the Archos WiFi models … I think the 604 and the 704.

There are other devices with the sole/main purpose of streaming different Internet radio protocols, not necessarily portable (or not something you’d put in your pocket, anyway).  Usually expensive, put-in-your-living-room things.  I can’t remember the name of any off hand, I know I see one in the Skymall catalog all the time.

I’ve also heard of Treos and Sony PSPs streaming Shoutcast … Google 'em up.

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