How can I repair jpg files that got corrupted?

I was taking pictures on a Sandisk SDHC Card 4GB with an Olympus camera. Everything was going well, viewing pictures on the camera. Then one day I wanted to look at the pictures I had taken that day and for several pictures (not all of them) I got a message of format error. That day I stopped using that card.

Back home, I tried looking at the pictures on the computer but here also I could not see them (same ones I could not see on the camera - about 200 pictures out of 1,500.

I tried several recovery programs but the format issue was not corrected.

I also converting the files with the GMIP program, and graphic Converter but I also get messages saying that files are not images, or that markers are missing or incorrect.

I lloked at several forums but could not repair the files. Can somebody please help me?

Thank you!!!

If you know somebody who can repair this, please let me know. Thank you

Personally, I don’t think they can be repaired. And after 2 weeks since your 1st post with no responses, it seems no one else does either.

You can make use of available SR2 repair software which has the capability to repair corrupted photos. The software can repair photos of several file formats including JPG, JPEG, GIF and many more.

Hi friend,

You can easily recover corrupted jpeg files.It gets corrupted due to virus attacks, human errrors,abrupt shutdowns etc.Best thing is to maintain a proper backup of your important files and folders.Else, by using a good file recovery software you can 

undelete jpg files. You can download the free trail version of file recovery software easily.It supports all versions of windows operating system.