How can I get my podcast show on this device?

How can I get my podcast show on this device? sansa clip

This is the podcast show I want to hear on this device:


Martin Brossman

I just bought a SanDisk sansa 2gig MP3 play so I can also hear my own podcast and other. How can I get my podcast show on this device?  - How do I RSS subscribe to a podcast like a ipod with this unit?

I thought I would add more clarity to my question. I want to listen to my own podcast on this unit and that is why I bought it. I was told that non-ipods can do that but can not figure out how?

My podcast is

I am sure SanDisk would offer help with that being such a leading company!

Thanks for any help you can give!


Martin Brossman

MP3 players don’t do RSS subscriptions (at least none that I know of).  Like all other podcasts, you get the audio file down to your PC, and then you sync it to the device.

That would be a WONDERFUL  product for SanDisk to offer. An RSS feed that syncs to their products. It would be a real competitive advantage to the ipods!

I hope someone at SanDisk is listening! I can’t be that hard! or just team up with one of the top RSS feed software programs.

Martin Brossman

iPods don’t sync RSS feeds or Podcasts directly.  They’re synced through iTunes.  For similar functionality with the Clip, you would just use a music manager that can download podcasts, like MediaMonkey.

How do you use MediaMonkey to play podcast on your MP3 player?


Martin Brossman

From MediaMonkey’s help library (which may not be up to date, you should install it and try it out):

Podcasts are Audio/Video files that are published periodically and can be subscribed to. MediaMonkey allows you to easily subscribe to Podcasts, using any of the methods described below…

  • Expand the Podcast node and Browse or search one of the Directories for a Podcast of interest. Double-click on the Podcast to subscribe.

  • If you’ve found a Podcast on the web, do one of the following:

– copy the feed’s URL, right-click on the Podcast node and click ‘Subscribe to new Podcast’. Paste the Podcast URL into the subscription dialog.

– open the associated .pcast file with your browser, which will cause MediaMonkey subscribe dialog to open up.

– open the feed’s URL (in Firefox only), and when prompted, choose MediaMonkey to open the file. This will cause the subscription dialog to open up.

  • Choose subscription rules for the Podcast (or for all Podcasts) to define how episodes should be downloaded, and when they should be removed.

  • The Podcast episodes will begin to download, turning from grey to black once they’re downloaded. MediaMonkey will periodically check for updates and automatically download new episodes (you can also manually trigger an update of all subscribed podcasts by right-clicking on the Podcast node).

  • To play the podcast, you can double-click the relevant Tracks in either the Podcast node, or in the Library.

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Thank so much. I think I missed how to get it into my MP3 player.