How can I get album art to show?

I resized each jpg with to 240x240 with 100% quality and put them in the folder with each album.

I have tried renaming them “album art.jpg” or “folder.jpg” but it didn’t work.

I have embedded one album with its art using MP3Tag as a test and it works when your playing the track but when your searching for albums its still blank.
Would the easiest solution be to embed all of my albums (all 400) and turn off the feature with the album art next to the album name or is there something else I can try to get them showing normally?

Thanks for any help 

Windows Explorer hides the extension of files by default. If you’re seeing it as folder.jpg in Explorer, then its real name is probably folder.jpg.jpg, which the Fuze would’t recognize.

You might try a different program for resizing them. I use Irfanview, and it does a fine job. The only thing I dislike about it is that it always saves the file in the same directory as was last used (even if you’re opening a file in some other directory). I just save the file to folder.jpg on the desktop, and drag it to the directory where I want it.

Another easy way to get the album art is to go to the album page on, right-click on the album, and chose “Save Picture As…”, then save it as folder.jpg. Those have always worked for me. Again, I save it on the desktop and drag it to the folder.