How about some sofrtware for linux?

That would be a great help!

Sansa does not make its own software. And In reality no software should be needed. However SMC is the issue. You do need that and It wont work with “The Nix”. It is probably more likely that the need for SMC will be eliminated, and you could just use what ever software you want before you see software for Lunix that is Sansa Specific.

I’m using handbrake for linux and in another post  (if only i had looked there three weeks ago) it gave the correct video settings to rip videos into/convert to get them to play on the View…  TY!!!I

I think it’s great that you folks are answering Linux questions at all. This sure beats the service I got from Polaroid, which was practically non-existant. Thank you! Ric

Sigh–the modern “Polaroid” is the old Polaroid company in name only.  Quite literally:  when the old Polaroid company went out of business, its name and trademark was bought up–that’s what you see today.  Unfortunately, the name is only as good as the company and people behind it.