Housing/Case/Enclosure - Is it possible to change original one to new?

Is it possible to buy housing case/enclosure for the Fuze+ alone? I destroy the display window with some ugly scratches, I tried to polish that, but the result is some antiglare layer removed.

I do not mean anything I can put Fuze+ itself into it, but the original violet plastic case or housing (I do not know which English word is proper for that) in which the PCB with LCD comes from factory.

You might find what you’re looking for here.

@tapeworm wrote:

You might find what you’re looking for here.

You did not understand me. I would like to change original housing of the player, that violet plastic one with transparent window for the display.

Ahh, you’re looking for the casing itself. My mistake. Unfortunately, Sandisk does not sell these separately. For other older models, the best way to get a replacement (or any spare parts for that matter) is to buy a DOA unit off someone on eBay to scavange.

I don’t know how lucky you’re going to be trying to find a Fuze+ though, given that it hasn’t been out that long. For the 1st year anyway, any problem units are going to be replaced under warranty so no one is going to have DOA units to sell.