hot to charge fuze without a computer ?


sorry if its a repeated question.

but i was wondering how i can charge my fuze player without a computer

i bought a electricity to usb device (transformer) with an output of 800ma and 5v (DC)

but it failed to charge the device

i browsed the net for detailed specs of the fuze and failed to find any

ill appreciate any help on the subject


The Fuze should power up once it sees 5v on the USB port.  Try powering up the Fuze first, then plug in to your USB adapter.  Does the little lightning bolt appear?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

it does not…

i have no idea whats wrong , i was certain it will be a simple task

Hm.  I’m not sure, I bought a charger from Wa… superstore and it worked great.  I was a USB plug and USB car charger.  Maybe it’s the charger or the USB cord.

Amazon kithas all 3 items, so if you want, you can look for something like this since it could be the cord or the charger, this way you have both new items and an extra item of whatever does work.