Hot Rocks

No, this post is not about the well-known 2-disc compilation album in 1972 from the legendary Rolling Stones

Nor is it about the hoity-toity spa massage techique one usually lays down a C-note (or more) for

No, these hot rocks found on the beach in southern California turned out to be an un-welcome & explosive surprise in Mom’s pocket:

Rocks Found on Beach Mysteriously Catch Fire in Woman’s Pocket


This really isn’t funny as the woman suffered 2nd and 3rd-degree burns and had to have skin grafts, but it sure is weird! :dizzy_face:

Thankfully, she and her husband who also got burned trying to put out the fire are all right (well, as all right as one can be after almost being toasted like the proverbial marshmallow).

Nice one. That would put a slight scare on going to those Spa Centers.