Horizontal White Lines across screen

Okay, I’ve tried resetting my Fuze and everything and it won’t work.

My problem is after about a month of owning my Sansa Fuze, 2 or 3 little white lines appeared acrossed the screen. These didnt but me at the time, so I didnt worry about it. Then, after a while, the number doubled. Then tripled. Finally, the white lines have practically taken over the screen. You can still use the screen, but it’s difficult to see as the white lines are almost like blinds on a window.

I have searched and searched and have only found one case the same as mine, and the only solution given at that time was to reset, which I have tried without luck.

So I am here to ask this, does anyone know how to stop this invasion of lines?


 Well, you could get a sign and stand on the street corner . . .

Or you could call SanDisk and get it replaced under warranty. :stuck_out_tongue: