Holy Grail for Photographers? ALMOST (part 2)

I’ve been looking for some time for a reliable solid state field backup device for SD cards for my professional photography. I just learned of of the Wireless Flash Drive (along with the Wireless Media Drive)  and thought the solution was at hand. I now see that this device cannot currently support direct wireless downloading of SD cards and is intended more as a media hub. The hardware is there for evrything on my wish list (I think…),

I don’t know which if any of these things are possible, but this is my wishlist:

  • The device would handle incremental backup (only download new files since last backup) from wi-fi capable SD cards such as the Eye-Fi. I can’t find the manual to download, but it appears there is a hardware button on the device. Would it possible to assign the download function to this button?
  • Second best would be to enable backups through an iOS app, but for working photographers it would be great to just  press a button to start the backup (or have it run continoulsly when new files are created) and get back to work.
  • Any file type could be downloaded, espeically RAW files of all flavors. RAW file are very large, so this might be too slow via wi-fi, hence the direct card download request.
  • Secondary backup of photo files on drive to DropBox or elsewhere in cloud (is this already possible?)
  • Expand drive capacity to 64 GB 128GB (I know it will be pricey, professionals will pay it.)

PLEASE come up with with a firmware update to make tat least some of hese things possible. If you so, I think you will find a large market among professional and enthusiast photographers. Especiall if the implimentation is simple.


I can see how these requests could be very useful for photographers. That said I do not think you will see many of these features implemented. This product seems to be designed and marketed as simple wireless storage device.