When ever i plug my player in to charge or when i turn it on all i get is a blue light around the ring and the screen remains black. What should i do?

try doing a soft reset on the player.  unplug the player from the computer, press and hold the menu button until the blue ring turns off. 

When ever u turn the mp3 player on only the blue ring comes on and the screen doesnt

Try putting it on recovery mode, and does it do the ame thing?O therwise, it is hard to fix, probably get a new one?

I would try ice machines idea.  Takes like 15-30 seconds of holding down the menu button, until the blue circle turns off… once it does, its back to normal tho.

 can you just take it to any store and get a new one. and also i got it from a freind and i dont have a receipt will they take it because i heard they do that with ipods