highs and lows of the early Clips

I just got a new (“new” in the sense that it’s never been used) Clip+ from eBay. I obsessively tracked the package, and when it arrived, I tore into it with the eagerness of a kid. Then… SCREECH! I’d forgotten how terrible plastic packaging used to be to get into. I spent a good 5 minutes attacking the plastic that contained my beloved blue Clip+. A few scratches to my hand and face (don’t ask, because I have no idea) later, and I’m in Clip+ heaven again.

Figured y’all could appreciate this.

Congratulations! That was indeed a rare find to locate a brand-new Clip+. It’s an awesome little machine. Sadly, the current offereings pale in comparison.

We’ve heard stories about sellers really jacking up the price on these as they are so in demand & so few on the market. Mind if I ask how much you paid for it?

Enjoy! :smiley:

Sure.   I paid $75 for a 4GB Clip+.  I’m kicking myself for not getting 2 at that price because the price has gone up.