High CPU usage on one core.

Any news of a fix for this issue yet? I posted about it a while back and was talking with Rwillis through email.


Expresscache service will just randomly use 100% of a cpu core and stay there till I restart the service.

Lost my internet for a while so I couldn’t follow up with Rwillis on this issue.

I’m hoping it will be fixed soon. It’s been going on for close to six months now.

Thanks in advance and I’m willing to do anything to help fix this.


Anyone at Sandisk even care??

never received an answer to my issue aswell. I guess thats a rather normal procedure at sandisk.

Just did a total format of my hard drive and reinstall of windows 8 64bit.

Problem still persists.

Just for curiosities sake I did another TOTAL wipe of my hard drive.

Then a fresh install of Windows 8. Installed all Windows updates, then installed Expresscache again.

Same problem still persists!!!

For no reason what so ever Expresscahche service will use 100% of one core. It’s totally random, happens when computer is idle or under load.

Does anyone at Sandisk even give a piss about this? Or should I treat this as another Sansa View product? 

Can you provide an application dump?. This is done from the Task Manager. If you can find the application or process you can generate a dump file of the application. Simply “right click” on the application/process and select “create dump file”. Do this while it is maxing the core at 100%. 

Thank you for the reply.

And yes will do soon as I can.

Dr Lucky,

Here is the ExpressCache.dmp file. It’s compressed in zip format.

Hope it helps resolve this issue.


The application dump is not really showing any indication that Expresscache is causing the high CUP utilization. Can you please get some screen shots of task manager when ExpressCache is using 100% of a single core? Also if you can create another application dump when this is occurring that would also be helpful. 

Here is a picture of ExpressCache Service using 100% of 1 cpu core.


Here is a fresh ExpressCache.dmp file.


My computer specs:

AMD 8350 8 core cpu

Asus 990FX Rev.2 motherboard

32 Gigs G.Skill ram

AMD 7970 video card

Hitatchi 1.5TB hard drive

Samsung combo drive dvd rewritable 

Still happening…

I have the same problem with a new ReadyCache installed on a Windows 7 server running 24 by 7. Expresscache.exe used 50% of my dual core cpu for a whole day. At first, I thought it might be defragmenting the hdds and left it running. But going straight 24 hours without any indication of progress is not user friendly to say the least. My server draws 50W power the whole time comparing to the normal 30W without ReadyCache. If the problem persists, I’ll have to return the drive. 

It keeps happening. I just took a look at task manager, ExpressCache.exe has used over 24 hours of cpu time since I last restarted it two days ago. It’s not doing any I/O when I checked and the cpu usage was still 50%.

Is anyone from SanDisk reading these posts?

Well I had a quiet similar problem. My Drive Activity LED was on through the whole day. I’m used to the fact, that it will refresh the cache sometimes an just stay on for 20 mins or so but not for 9 hours. my behavoir hasn’t changed by the way. I was about to reset the cache but the problem went away with a reboot.

I guess the software is a low budget product. The caching algorithm doesn’t seem to get any updates (condusive version stays the same since 1.0) and the sandisk part isn’t that awesome.

I’ve had this problem for seven months now. Seems rather clear that they don’t care enough to fix it.

I called Sandisk support yesterday. The rep suggested me uninstall and reinstall the ExpressCache software. I did that and also unplugged an external USB hard drive. The CPU usage has been normal so far (knock on wood). I’ll give it another day. If it’s still OK, I’ll plug the USB HD back in.

The problem came back after I plugged in the USB hard drive! It’s a 3TB Toshiba hard drive dedicated to Windows back up service. I normally leave it plugged in all the time. It has an automatic power saving feature that puts the drive to sleep when it’s not used.

For the others who had the same problem: do you happen to have an external hard drive plugged in?

I do have a n external harddrive plugged in. I’m currently testing you’re theory about it being the culprit.


I can say with almost certainty that the USB hardrive is somehow causing the ExpressCache service to use 100% of one cpu core. Thank you Xiaowei for noticing this!


Xiaowei and I have both tested this and confirmed that having a external hardrive plugged in through USB is causing the high CPU usage.

The EC software should ignore any disks marked as removable. Your external USB HDD when connected, do they identify as Fixed or removable disks?