Hidden images on disk

I have a SanDisk Ultra II 2.0 Compact Flash disc I used over the weekend. It has nearly 400 pictures on it and it reads as full on my Canon camera’s tools menu, however it will not view anything on thie disc. The message is “Cannot create folder.”

When I loaded the same disc into an older Canon digital camera, I could view very small thumbnails, with the message “Image too large,” but at least I could see the images are still there.

I have tried using both cameras, as well as independent card readers to download the photos but the prompts tell me there are no pictures to be found.


  1. how can I retrieve the pictures I know are there? I don’t want to lose 400 images!

  2. does this indicate this disc is now damaged and should be discarded?

Try using Graphic Converter to see and recover the mages IF you have not over written the images. This may work. I was able to recover about 90% of 'hidden images"