Hi contrast mode for bright sunlight - Clip Sport

Can there be an option added in the next firmware release for a customised hi visibility mode for viewing song text.

Currently under the folder art there is a light blue background with white text showing song playing and play position. This is almost impossible to view on a sunny day. A black background and white text may be a better option?

Please let me know and the firmware development team if you think this is a good idea to implement a hi visibility mode that allows all menus to become more clear and easier to view. This may be a useful feature for any slightly visually impaired?

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Great idea!  Although unlikely there will be any firmware revisions at this point (but one never knows . . .).

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It would be also a great idea to allow for changing colours (eg. black and white). Sansa Clip+ has phenomenal and readable display which is visible in all weather/sunlight conditions.