hey my sansa won't load files and i went to the driver area

 and they moved it or deleted it or something…

HELP!!! i need to learn spanish in order to live and i can’t do it with my laptop connected to my hip all the time i am moving to mexico in a week i am freaking out here man. so please help me out yo.:angry:

more specifically it won’t load video files music is fine but i am a VISUAL LEARNER GOD **bleep** IT!!!

OK, a few steps here, perhaps.

One, it sounds like the “driver” issue is related to loading video on your device.  All I can pick up is the key words in your post.  Video can’t be loaded on your Fuze unless you “port” it through the Sansa Media Converter first.  You will need the 4.236 InterVideo Version here.  The link will send you to the Fuze General Information thread; click on the Media Converter link there.

To use the converter, plug in your Fuze, and start via clicking “add media”, then find your video file.  Once the video pops up in the main screen, the “convert” button should highlight.  Click, and the file is converted and transferred to your Fuze.

Two, remember that “Yo” is “I” en Espanol. 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

thanks man mucho gracias!