He's Baaaack!

New macchine Acer i7 Quad 4GB RAM 1TB hard drive.Windows 7 Professional and my old computer connected by wereless router both as a drive and a remote desktop. It’s about 7 years old so I don’t know how much life it has left in it

I installed VLC which advice I got here. The thing is deceptively simple. But once you get under the hood: Boy howdy! that thing could be your sole playback (You’ll still need MediaMonkey for file conversion and permanent track levelling but once you’ve got that down, it’s VLC for everything; avi (which is why it was reccommended) flv. anything bukt Real

Now here’s the hitch Widnows 7 does not run AudioShell. Which is a shame since it can tag multiple files at once amd is very  intuitive, For now I can use my old computer but I’ld like to move all my audio operations to the Acer