Here's A Firmware Update that Could Be Done

If the Jam could read longer file names, that would be a HUGE help.

For example. I listen to a lot of multi CD sets. Opera, classics and even books.

Here’s the problem: As the system adds titles, they may not go in order because the Jam reads only (8?) characters. So if you have something like this: Beethoven Complete Symphonies, Von Karajan, Symphony 9 Disc 1    The Jam scrolls to about

Beethoven Complete Sym     So I cannot tell which I am on or whether I have CD1 or 2.  With Operas it’s the same mess even though there aren’t 12 CDs, you can’t tell tell CD 1 from 2.   On the old Clips I could make play lists on Windows media player and enjoy a full 3-4 CD opera. Now that doesn’t work—that play list thing should be easily fixable—and it should be fixable to display longer titles before shutting off.  Those 2 would make this product better by a lot.

Can those be done?   Support Play List   WPL   and Extend ability to read titles to 32 or more characters

Due to the limitations of the player’s hardware, the shorter recognition was a trade-off, for other (needed) benefits.

Dang that underpowered microprocessor. 

It will be a good option that the jam read the file name or album name greater then 8 characters !!!

I own an old clip+ and it can read long name, today i bought a jam formy wife and i’m very sad to see that restriction !!!

On Monday the player returns to the reseller, it’s a very bad product !