Just bought a Clip+ 4GB on ebay and the screen is so dim I can barely see it. I have a 2GB and can barely make out the “main” screens ( Music, Settings, etc). I’m thinking if I can get to the “Display” screen and go to “Backlight” or something similiar I might be able to adjust. But the order in “Settings” is apparently different in the 2GB Clip vs. the 4GB Clip+. Can someone send the breakdown of the various subtitles in the “main” screen areas?’


Are you sure you have the screen protector film peeled off?

Was hoping you were right but no. I bought it from someone on ebay, so it’s used. Again Main screens are barely visible and sub-screens are unreadable. Just trying to even find the Display screen in Settings and hope I can boost the light. Otherwise, I’m probably screwed. Seller says he’ll refund if I can’t. Again, can se the Settings screen, but can’t read categories after that

I’d contact the seller about the refund then.