So, i had a problem with this sansa clip. But i fixed that, now im on to my next one.

My issue is everytime i plug this thing in to my MAC, everything works fine untill i unplug it.

Once i eject it…the mp3 player totally freezes. i reset it, turned it back on, and it freezes again once the SanDisk Sansa comes on! i Dont have this computer all day…so if i could find a solution fast, i would much appreciate it! 

Don’t use a Mac, so I’m just shootin’ from the hip here . . . In Windows, you can ‘safely remove’ a USB device. In other words Windows disconnects it after it verifies there is no data transfer currently in progress. I think Linux has kind of the same thing, mount & un-mount.

Do you have anything like this on the Mac?

You may want to do a search here (box at upper left) on Mac, or Mac and eject (or unmount).  Also, to get people to look at your issue, it’s best to use a descriptive post Subject heading (otherwise, 50% of the topics here simply would say Help!! …).