I recently had returned from a trip to Paris, France and London, England and was getting my sandisks downloaded on my computer and my dog chewed the one from France! I have no pictures of France! I have cried so much! Please! Is there anyway to retreive the data from the disc? the teeth are there and the housing is there except over where the teeth are. It will not fit into the camera. I will send it in and pay what ever price to get it done! I am deseperate! please sandisk! help!!! please say it is possible that data is still there?


Carla Whitfield 

If I understand correctly, you have a SanDisk flash memory card that has been munched a wee bit.  Is it an SD card, or a microSD type?

As long as the device has not been cracked or otherwise crushed, which could damage the card connections internally, you might be able to salvage your photoraphs.

It may be a matter of jumpering the individual connections, but nothing is impossible given a little time and determination.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: