im having problems with my player is black 1gb the problem is when i plug it in my computer my computer dont recognise it and when i click the power button the screen freezes after 1 sec and i have to take off the battery so it unfreezes and i cant charge my battery cuz my computer doesnt recognise it so can anyone tell me what is the problem?

Try turning the hold switch to the ON position (where the orange is showing), and then holding down the record button on the player. While still holding the record button, plug the player into the computer. This will force the device into Recovery Mode. When the device is in recovery mode, try updating the firmware. The Sansa Firmware Updater can be found in the link below.

You can also watch the How To Video on how to use the Sansa Firmware Updater.

How To Video on Updating Firmware

Sansa Firmware Updater