it is stuck in connected mode and it isn’t connected any ideas how i can get it back to normal

Not exactly the correct topic page, but try holding down the power button until the player shuts off. If you can remove the battery easily this will also do the trick.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

That did not work for me. Says Connected until i power it off. If I lock it and hold rewind when connecting to computer, I can see the folders on the device. When I unmount it, instead of refresh database or whatever it usually says, it still says connected but the animation stops.

I can power it off holding power down long enough, but when i turn it back on, it has he SanDisk logo and nothing else happens. Tried removing battery for a while. 

I called support once when it was stuck on SanDisk. I guess this will be the third time I lose everything that I copied to it. I’ve had it less than two weeks. 

Others said hold power button a long time - does nothing here. 

Another said “Do a hard reset on your device.  Vol + and center button at the same time.” That did nothing either. 

I ended up powering off, lock, hold down rewind and insert, then formatting it, losing all my songs on it again.

The unit is a C250 v2.