hi i bought a sansa 200 (a 2gb) and i cant find the media converter. When i put in the instaltion disk no pop up  comes up saying what do you want to install?( or should there?) mabey it already is instaled and i cant find the file?

                       please help,



Should be on the CD - (a) Turn on Autorun (b) Put the CD to your computer and © follow instructions


or just explore the CD drive and run setup.exe, i believe thats the executable name.

how do i turn on autorun???

depending on what OS you have installed auto run may not work. the easiest thing to do is to explore the cd and look for the setup.exe and run that. to explore the cd just go to my computer and right click the cdrom and select explore.

Go to My Computer and double click on the CD, and then find the executable file.

What about autoplay?  I’ev got a windows vista

kevinxmaa wrote:

What about autoplay?  I’ev got a windows vista

auto play does not work in vista. just go to the cd drive in computer and explore it then run setup.exe

Interesting - my Vista works with any CD/DVD (including data) with autorun/autoplay.


so does mine…


I figured it out. i put the disk in and went to my computer and explored but there was no “setup.exe” file so i searched it  and ran it from there. thanks every one