Help With Ripping CD to SansaClip

I just read the FAQ on how to rip an audio CD to the SansaClip. However, I have a problem…when I insert a music CD into my computer it doesn’t give me the screen that is demonstrated in the FAQ. I made sure in the properties of the CD drive it was checked to give me the option to rip the CD, but it still does not bring up that dialog box when I insert a music CD.

Is there any work around? Can I open WMP and from there rip it to the Sansa? If so, how do I do that? Instructions would be very helpful :slight_smile:



Use BonkEnc. It’s a free and open source CD ripper and music encoder

Go to Options then General Settings then CDRip and check Activate cdparanoia mode (full cdparanoia mode). Also, in the same General settings window, go to Info tags and make sure you’ve got Write ID3v1 tags and Write ID3v2 tags both checked. Click ok. Then pop in your CD, click File then Add then Add CD Contents. Then click Encode then Start Encoding then LAME MP3 Encoder. Make sure Output dir (on the bottom of the interface) points to the folder of your choosing (preferably, My Music). Afterwards, just drag and drop the mp3s to your Clip’s MUSIC folder (follow the instructions on the Clip’s manual). Have fun.
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It’s really simple: open WiMP first, then ploop the CD in the tray.

Click on Rip, and you’re ready to go!

To transfer, you can either drag and drop from the library later, or drag the completed album to the Sync List on the right that appears when you click the Sync tab at the top.

Then sync the file to your Clip.

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Thanks so much…that worked! :slight_smile: